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First and foremost, you must eliminate the toxicity in your life. There are many forms of toxins, yet most people believe it’s only in their laundry or dish soap, when in reality it’s everywhere, all day every day. The list is exhaustive when you start to uncover the culprits. Family drama, excess food being eaten that is packaged or boxed, over-bearing bosses, financial troubles, fear of getting covid and so many other life stressors.

You may have unnecessary fears about simple, everyday things, like money, health, family, or work. You expect the worst, even when there seems to be little to worry about. It may be hard to control this kind of worry for months at a time. It can affect your sleep and concentration, and it may leave you feeling restless, tired, and irritable.

Social anxiety disorder is not simply shyness — you’re terrified of humiliating or embarrassing yourself in social situations. It typically starts in your teen years, and it can make social, professional, and romantic life almost impossible. You may feel powerless and ashamed.

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