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Can you deal with Anxiety

You may have unnecessary fears about simple, everyday things, like money, health, family, or work. You expect the worst, even when there seems to be little to worry about. It may be hard to control this kind of worry for months at a time. It can affect your sleep and concentration, and it may leave you feeling restless, tired, and irritable.

A panic attack is a sudden rush of intense anxiety that seems to come out of nowhere. It can happen anytime, even while you’re asleep. If you have them regularly and are very afraid of having another attack, you could have panic disorder. It typically starts in early adulthood, and women get it twice as often as men. Many of the same symptoms that accompany general anxiety such as a racing heart or pain in your stomach happen with a panic attack.

However, panic attacks are more intense, build quickly and then subside. Other symptoms include trembling, feeling like you can’t breathe, being afraid you’re going to die, and a sense that you’re going crazy.

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